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Let's talk about handmade Valentine's Day cards!

The day of love is around the corner and there's nothing better than a homemade card to give to your sweetheart or bff! Let's talk more about what goes into our Valentine's Day greeting cards and how to choose what's best for your lover - of course there are plenty of hearts involved.

Carefully hand-applied glitter embellishment is featured in several of our Valentine's Day 2021 cards like this one


A handcrafted card is a gift of its own, so it would be perfect to have a stunning satin or fabric ribbon on your card for your Valentine.


The name quilling is thought to come from the origin of the art; birds' feathers, or quills, were used to coil the strips of paper around. Check out our fine signature collection of quilling cards for your love like this one.

Letterpress printing is a technique of relief printing. Using a printing press, the process allows production of unique impressions of an inked, raised surface against sheets or a continuous roll of paper. Heartfelt sentiments are best expressed on thick cardstock like this one.

Share what's in your heart this Valentine's Day with all the people you love, in the ways you love them. Pick out the perfect Valentine's Day card to spread the love to everyone influential in your life. At Bonsai Paper Co., you can find cards with traditional heartfelt messages to quirky popular memes even cupid can't resist!

Celebrated every February 14th, Valentine's Day is the perfect time to recognize the unique aspects of all your relationships with a Valentine's Day card from our huge selection ranging from cute and sweet cards for kids and your family to romantic valentines for that special someone.

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