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Free shipping on orders $25+! Code: "shipme"
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Shop Bonsai Paper Co.'s collection of NIQUEA.D specialty greeting cards! Find gold foil cards and more handmade embellished greeting cards.

NIQUEA.D was born in 2011 as a curated collection of stationery, decor and jewelry. Enjoy the splendor of NIQUEA.D, the newest brand created by Dominique Schurman. Dominique and her family have been purveyors of luxury greeting cards for over 50 years and the legacy continues with the NIQUEA.D brand.

The magic, mystical Unicorn - real or imagined in our mind's eye - inspires our dreams, foretells good and brings blessings on happiness. Let us take time to pause, to let our imagination be free, to share stories and to celebrate the richness of our fantasies.