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Abe Lemons Quote Retirement Card
Positively Green

Abe Lemons Quote Retirement Card

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The front of the card showcases a message that captures the essence of embracing new beginnings after a fruitful career, paying homage to the wisdom of Abe Lemons. The carefully chosen words reflect the excitement of stepping into a new phase of life while cherishing the accomplishments of the past.

In line with our commitment to environmental responsibility, this card is printed using soy ink on FSC®-certified 100% recycled stock. By choosing this card, you're not only expressing your heartfelt wishes but also contributing to a greener planet. The card's production aligns with our dedication to sustainable practices.

Delivered with a coordinating envelope, this card is a thoughtful gesture ready to be shared with the retiree. Whether you hand it to them personally or send it by mail, the "Abe Lemons Retirement Card" will convey your warm wishes and admiration, capturing the sentiment of this significant life milestone and our shared dedication to preserving our environment.

Celebrate the transition to retirement with our "Abe Lemons Retirement Card" from Positively Green Cards, a canvas of appreciation and eco-consciousness. Let the heartfelt message and eco-friendly features create an extra layer of significance and thoughtfulness, making it a cherished gesture that embodies both genuine sentiment and environmental mindfulness. Embrace the power of meaningful connections and sustainability with this heartfelt card that carries both a message of tribute and a commitment to a healthier planet.

Front: The trouble with retirement is that you never get a day off. -Abe Lemons
Inside: It's a tough life. (Enjoy!)

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