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Golden Retriever Dogs Father's Day Card (Dad)

Golden Retriever Dogs Father's Day Card (Dad)

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Introducing our Golden Retriever Dogs Father's Day Card, a heartwarming tribute to the bond between Dad and his furry companions, illustrated by the talented David Scheirer in his signature watercolor style.

On the front of the card, two beloved Golden Retrievers romp and play, their joyful spirit captured in vibrant hues and lifelike detail. Each stroke of the brush brings their fluffy coats and wagging tails to life, evoking the warmth and companionship they bring to Dad's life.

But the magic doesn't stop there. This card features layered cardstock, adding depth and dimension to the illustration, creating a dynamic and immersive experience that draws Dad into the scene. As he runs his fingers over the textured surface, he'll feel the love and devotion that inspired this heartfelt design.

As a final touch, a golden ribbon is elegantly tied around the card, symbolizing the cherished memories and special moments shared with Dad and his loyal companions. And to top it all off, a gleaming gold pet charm hangs from the ribbon, a sparkling reminder of the bond that holds them together.

Whether Dad is a proud pet parent or simply appreciates the unconditional love of a faithful friend, our Golden Retriever Dogs Father's Day Card is sure to touch his heart and bring a smile to his face. Celebrate his role as a loving caregiver and cherished companion with a card that's as beautiful and heartfelt as the bond you share.

Front: Happy Father's Day
Inside: I'm so lucky to have an amazing Dad that I'll always look up to

  • 5" x 7"
  • Foil, charm, layered cardstock

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