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Princess Cake & Rainbow Birthday Card

Princess Cake & Rainbow Birthday Card

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This card is a whimsical masterpiece, featuring glitter, gems, tip-ons, and pink foil accents that bring the joy and wonder of a fairy tale to life.

The front of the card showcases a magnificent princess cake adorned with intricate details and layers of sweetness. The cake is adorned with sparkling glitter, adding a touch of magic and sparkle to the design. The glitter shimmers and catches the light, creating an enchanting effect that is sure to captivate the recipient.

To add a regal touch, we've embellished the card with dazzling gems that accentuate the princess cake's elegance. These gemstones are carefully placed to highlight the cake's ornate decorations, adding a touch of royal opulence to the overall design.

In addition to the princess cake, the card features a vibrant rainbow that stretches across the front. The rainbow is brought to life through a combination of vibrant colors and a gradient effect, creating a cheerful and uplifting ambiance. The pink foil accents are strategically applied to certain elements, such as the princess's crown or the cake decorations, adding a luxurious and eye-catching touch.

To further enhance the card's interactivity and surprise, we've included tip-ons. These delightful embellishments are carefully placed on the card's surface and can include elements such as miniature princess figurines or additional cake decorations. They add an extra layer of fun and excitement, making the card truly unforgettable.

Inside the card, you'll find ample space to write a heartfelt birthday message, expressing your warm wishes and admiration. The high-quality cardstock used ensures durability and provides a sturdy base for the glitter, gems, tip-ons, and pink foil features, ensuring that the card will be cherished as a treasured memento.

Whether you're celebrating a little princess's birthday or want to create a magical moment for someone special, this special Birthday Card is the perfect choice. Its meticulous craftsmanship, sparkling glitter, dazzling gems, interactive tip-ons, and pink foil accents combine to create a truly extraordinary greeting that will transport the recipient to a world of enchantment and celebration.

Front: birthday princess
Inside: Wishing you a magical day / Happy Birthday

  • 5" x 7"
  • Tip-ons, glitter, foil, gems

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