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Laser-Cut Shooting Star Rainbow Birthday Card

Laser-Cut Shooting Star Rainbow Birthday Card

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This exquisite card features a captivating shooting star soaring across a vibrant rainbow sky, meticulously laser-cut to create a mesmerizing 3D effect.

The front of the card showcases the shooting star streaking through a beautifully detailed rainbow. The intricate laser-cutting technique brings the design to life, with the shooting star and rainbow popping out from the card, adding depth and dimension that captures the eye and ignites the imagination.

The vibrant colors of the rainbow evoke feelings of joy and excitement, perfectly complementing the festive spirit of a birthday celebration. The shooting star symbolizes wishes coming true and adds a touch of magic to the card, making it a perfect choice for sending your warmest birthday wishes.

Crafted with precision and care, this Laser-Cut Shooting Star Rainbow Birthday Card exudes quality and artistry. The laser-cutting showcases our dedication to creating a unique and unforgettable card that will make the recipient's day even more special.

Inside the card, there's ample space for you to pen your heartfelt birthday message. Whether you choose to write a cheerful note or a sincere expression of your affection, your words will be beautifully complemented by the card's stunning design.

Presented with a coordinating envelope, this card is ready to be gifted to the birthday star. Whether you hand it to them in person or send it by mail, the Laser-Cut Shooting Star Rainbow Birthday Card will be a cherished keepsake that captures the magic of their special day.

Celebrate a birthday with wonder and beauty using our Laser-Cut Shooting Star Rainbow Birthday Card. Let the captivating shooting star and rainbow design, brought to life through expert laser-cutting, create an extra touch of awe and excitement, making it a treasured memento for the birthday celebrant. Illuminate their day with this stunning and heartfelt card that captures the essence of celebration and dreams coming true.

Inside: You are a Star, today and everyday / wishing you a Fantastic Birthday!

  • 7" x 5"
  • Laser-cut, gem, foil

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