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Red Roses for Valentine's Day in Dallas, TX: Why & Where To Buy Them

Let's talk about why red roses will never go out of style for Valentine's Day. Learn the history behind the romantic tradition, then shop our curated list to find the perfect V-Day flowers.

We've all dreamed of experiencing the quintessential Valentine's Day date at some point, beginning with your sweetheart standing at the door with a dozen red roses in hand. But have you ever wondered why red roses for Valentine's Day are so popular? And if they're truly as sought-after as we might think?

Red Roses for Valentine's Day - explained

From their origins in Greek myth and the Victorian era to the time-honored special meaning behind their blossoms, these crimson blooms are perhaps the most enduring symbol of romance out there. Here's everything you need to know about why we give red roses on Valentine's Day.

What's the history of red roses on Valentine's Day?

While our image of red roses as icons of love dates back eons (think: appearances alongside Aphrodite in Greek myth), the tradition of giving lavish bouquets on Valentine's Day originated relatively recently in the 19th century. Whereas today's couples aren't at all shy about showcasing relationships in modern times, the Victorians had to be more low-key regarding both in-person courting and yearning from afar. Romance for them came hand-in-hand with sly smiles, coy flirtations, and secret affairs (thanks to conservative societal norms), so suitors had to rely on more creative ways to let the corseted cutie across the ballroom know that they were interested.

Enter: Floriography, a secret language of flowers with roots in the Ottoman Empire where the type and color of each bloom has a meaning. Sending red roses symbolized love, romance and perfection—so it's easy to see why it became the ultimate floral flirtation and top choice for today's Valentine's Day bouquets. They're still the ubiquitous choice for V-Day flowers today, though most senders are embracing a fresher, more modern look with multiple shades of crimson, vermillion, and soft greenery.

Should you buy pink or red roses for your Valentine?

Each delivery of Valentine's Day roses carries a special message, whether it's coy admiration, endless devotion or steadfast friendship.

Sending roses on Valentine's Day is a classic idea and will always win points with your partner; however, make sure that the color of the roses matches your true feelings! Red roses are the traditional way to say "I love you," and are the most popular flower sent on Valentine's Day. However, think beyond red this year. Valentine's Day is when we celebrate all kinds of love and the people we love! 

While red roses are the most classic choice for a romantic arrangement for your valentine, blooms in pink, peach, white, or even a mix of hues could make the recipient feel just as loved. We recommend keeping things simple: Choose colors that you know your valentine loves, or hues that are tied to special memories, like ones that were in your prom photos or wedding scheme. When you march to the beat of your own floral drum and draw from your shared history, it tells your valentine that the love you share is unique and that they're special to you.

If you're going to mix and match rose colors, you can play around with floriography to try and create a more complex meaning. For example, a blend of pink and red roses would symbolize romance and admiration (big "I love you and I like you" vibes), while a combination of white and red roses would indicate a young, but strong love. But the most important factor to consider when mixing and matching is to select shades that are in harmony with each other.

How many roses are you meant to give on V-Day?

When it comes to deciding how many roses you should give your valentine, the choice is truly yours! If you're looking for a classic number, opt for a dozen. The classic association between 12 and a complete cycle (think 12 months in a year) ties everything together, so a dozen roses speaks to the fullness of love—the way it completes us. But don't feel like you have to go big—a single red rose is symbolic of giving your whole heart to someone. You can also be flexible with expressing the passage of time- a good example is one rose for every year you've been together. With so many ways to express your sentiment, taking the time to put an arrangement together will always express that you care!

When's the best time to give red roses on Valentine's Day?

The best time to send Valentine's Day roses is a day early. Here's why: No one wants to find themselves waiting for flowers with a dinner reservation in 15 minutes, so get in early. You can include a message like: 'I love you so much that I couldn't wait until tomorrow to celebrate.' Plus, you're much more likely to get a timely delivery than if you're part of the bouquet brigade set to be delivered on the holiday.

For an extra-special Valentine's Day touch, we suggest making receiving the arrangement an experience for your sweetie, like sending them to their office as a surprise or presenting them by hand at the start of your special evening.

Where to order roses for Valentine's Day in Dallas, Texas

If you're looking to show someone all the love in your heart (or sweep someone off their feet), our dual-toned bouquets in partnership with Michell's Florals has a perfect track record! Available in multiple sizes for in-store pickup, curbside pickup at our Galleria Dallas shop or local delivery. For a limited time only, as part of Galleria Dallas' curbside pickup program, receive a free box of Girl Scouts Cookies when you pick-up your order through Curbside Pickup.

We hope to see you soon to help you express the perfect sentiment for your Valentine- let's make the season of love something special!

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